Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

I’ve been a regular writer since my Freshman year of college, discovering the value of using a journal for expression.  While keeping journals over the years, both personal and for recording stories, is a regular thing for me, there are times, or seasons, if you will, when I do not write.  The inspiration isn’t there.  And I miss it.  I wonder if it will ever return or if my last Moleskine page has been completed.

I have learned not to panic in those seasons.  Writing has always returned.  In order to endure those seasons, however, I lean more heavily on inspiration.  I tend to read more, explore new (to-me) musical artists, and study new photographers.  These activities are intentional.  It’s easy to sit back and binge on a new season of TV released on Netflix or surf the web aimlessly, but those things have never provided me with get-up-and-go.   They just fill empty moments.

In closing, the more I seek inspiration, the more quickly my own writing habits return.  And life gets back to normal.

Recent Inspirations:

Shovels & Rope – I love their energy, lyrics, and sound.  They will be at the Spoleto finale this year and so will we!

Garden & Gun magazine – This is my one-stop for inspiration – beautiful photographs, great writing, plus news on food, art, and Southern life.

Holly Williams – Her singing and lyrics are awesome.  In addition to her music, Ms. Williams also blogs, runs a successful boutique in Nashville, has opened a mercantile, and loves to share recipes.


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